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Meeting place:   Walworth Baptist Community Center, 3697 Walworth Palmyra Rd (Main st), Walworth NY

Troop Event:
Troop 167 Court of Honor
Oct. 27th, 7 pm to 8:30 pm

Come and see all of the merit badges that our boys have earned over the summer, many of which helped the boys complete rank advancements for our boys.

Dragon & Spartan Patrols: Each Scout please bring 2 dozen Treats of some sort (cookies, donuts, brownies, cup cakes, etc.)
Eagles & Spider Pig Patrols: Each Scout please bring 1 gallon cider or 1 a 2-liter bottle of soda or juice

Popcorn Sale:
Oct. 28th, 8 pm

All popcorn orders and prize selections are due to Mr. Skrotzki at this time. Please make sure you have everything marked, your prize selected and written on the sheets and copies of those sheets are dropped off at his house or scans are e-mailed in to him by this time. Any popcorn that was picked up and already delivered needs to be paid for by Nov 3rd. The rest of the popcorn can be picked up after 7 pm on Nov 14th with payments due by December 1st at the latest.

Troop Event:
Scouting for Food Fliers
Nov. 1st, 9am

Come help hand out door hangers so that we will have food to pickup the following weekend. We will meet at in the RME parking lot at 9:00 am.
Scouting for food

This is our #1 Community Service Project so ALL are expected to participate.
Parents are needed to help drive the boys for the collection of food.

Popcorn Sale:
Nov. 3rd, 8 pm

All popcorn that was picked up in September or October MUST have payments turned in at this time so we can pay the bill.

Troop Event:
Scouting for Food Collection
Nov. 8th, 9am

Let's all get out and collect all of the food that people donate so that those without can have a better holiday and christmas season. We will be meeting at RME at 9 am to get route assignments. We will then go out and knock on doors and pickup food for those in need. It will bedeliverd to Macedon Center Firehall where it will be sorted and taken to our local food pantries.

Scouting for food        Scouting for food

This is our #1 Community Service Project so ALL are expected to participate.
Parents are needed to help drive the boys for the collection of food.

popcorn Sale:
2014 Popcorn Take Order Pickup
Nov 14th
All Payments Due Dec. 1st

Popcorn sales are over except for those who did Take order sales or have Chocolate orders.

Pickup of popcorn will be available starting onNov 14th after 7 pm and Nov 15th at Mr. Skrotzki's House please see Mr. Skrotzki's e-mail for full details. You have a little over two weeks from this date to turn in all popcorn money so that we can pay the final bill. Please be aware this holds up release of unit prizes if we can not pay the bill.

Please remember Show and Sell money is over due (if you received popcorn prior to Nov 14th that is show and sell) and ALL take order money is due by Dec 1st.

For those that don't remember Skrotzki's live at 3574 Main St (right down the street from our meeting place) call for an appointment at 986-1791.

This site was put together as a resource for parents, scouts, leaders, and future scouts in the Gananda School district covering both Macedon and Walworth, New York. Here you can learn of upcoming events, find scouting info, or just hang around. Make it your Homepage!

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